First I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to visit my site. I know there are a lot of lash techs and makeup artist out there you are researching so I want to tell you a little about me and how I feel I am different!


My passion for beauty started at a very young age and this stems from both of my grandmothers. Every chance I got I would sneak and play in their vanity drawers. There was always and endless supply of eye shadow and brow pencils to play with! At thirteen after my mother tweezed my brows for the first time, I started to wear makeup everyday and really have fun with it. Throughout junior high into high school, I was the go to person for all makeup services for my friends and family. After I graduated in 2002, I started my college journey at the University of North Texas, where I studied Fashion Merchandising. After three years, I was beginning to feel unfulfilled with the direction I was going. My desire to pursue my real passion was burning inside of me and with no hesitation, I dropped out. I immediately enrolled into Ogle Beauty School, in Hurst, TX, where I earned my Esthetics license. Upon receiving my certification, I began providing facial and waxing services at a Salon & Spa in the historic Camp Bowie district in Fort Worth, Texas.

In 2008 my life changed when I was introduced to the world of Eyelash Extensions! I actually had no clue what they were but I wanted to learn!!! I began working for The Lash Retreat in Fort Worth, TX and during my 5 years there, I was able to truly hone my lash skills. My attention to detail set me apart from the other lash techs in the area. I found myself fixing other lash techs work due to improper lash isolation and using too much glue. This was causing people to have eye reactions and premature loss of their natural lashes. Also I noticed that most lash techs only spent 45 minutes on a lash fill and I was always adding more time to my clients appointments. I try to put myself in my clients shoes and I thought I definitely would want more lashes so I wanted their lashes to be as full as possible. Yes 45 minutes is "enough", but why not go above and beyond!

I left The Lash Retreat in 2013 and started working full time from my house and I loved every minute of it. After a while, I did notice that yearn for more again. I knew I needed to get back into makeup and this time it was go BIG or go home. In 2015, I sold my house and moved to Los Angeles, CA. Let me tell you, this has been one amazing journey. I am a Texas girl in a California world and wouldn't have it any other way. I am even more passionate about makeup and lashes as I was the first day I got started.  After 16 years in this customer service/beauty industry, I am committed to learning more and always striving to provide outstanding services for my clients.


Thank you again for taking time to get to know me and I look forward to meeting you!  Xoxo, Courtney  

© 2019 Courtney Thomas

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